Mountain House Writers' Retreat

closed for the season

Our writers' retreat program will resume in the spring of 2018.

Great Wall Mountain House 

Great Wall Mountain House 


City life got you down?

Join Beijing Youth Literary Review editors, Simon, Jennifer, and Chen Bo for a wild weekend of writing, creative activities, hikes, BBQ, and bonding at the Great Wall Mountain House.

To understand the value of exposing young people to the creative arts, we need look no further than this statement by Helen Vendler, a former member of Harvard's Faculty Standing Committee on Admissions:

The critical question for Harvard is not whether we are admitting a large number of future doctors and scientists and lawyers and businessmen...: we are. The question is whether we can attract as many as possible of the future [great poets, the] Emersons and Dickinsons.
— Helen Vendler, "Valuing the Creative and Reflective"

During the Retreat, students will practice writing in different genres and will come out with a BYLR Certificate in Creative Writing, as well as a collection of their own poetry, short fiction, and creative non-fiction.

Who Can Participate? 

Are you struggling in literature class? Are you having difficulty in English writing? Do you want to improve your writing skills overnight? Then sign up for our Writers' Retreat! 


how to sign-up

We will accept students on a first-come-first-serve-basis. Students will receive a discount by sending in a writing sample of at least 750 words in any genre or style. Please send the writing sample to



Registration: 4,000RMB/student

Discount price: 2,800RMB/student


sample Schedule

We will leave at 5pm on Friday and return by 5pm Saturday.

Friday Night:

Group Cooking // Dinner // Creativity Games


Creative Thinking Workshop // Writing the Unconscious // Lunch // Writing Hike // Creative Games // First Words // Return to The Tree

What we provide

We will provide food, writing supplies, transportation, and accommodation. Click here for a complete list of what we provide and what you need to bring.


Meeting & Pickup Location: The Tree

Near the Maquanying (马泉营) subway stop

Address: 北京市朝阳区香江北路,香江北岸C座6单元底商13号。



Jen Fossenbell

is a writer, editor, and creative collaborator. She earned her Master's degree in creative writing from the University of Minnesota, where she served as the Managing Editor of Dislocate literary magazine. Her poetry has appeared in publications in the U.S., Vietnam, and China.

Simon Shieh

is a poet, the Writer in Residence at the International School of Beijing, and the Editor in Chief of the Spittoon Literary Magazine. Simon's work appears in Kartika Review and the Aztec Literary Review.  

Chen Bo

is a poet and fiction writer. He studied literature and international law at Peking University and interned in an NGO in Dublin. His work appears in Weiminghu(未名湖), Young Writers (青年作家), and SupChina.