5 Reasons to Submit to Beijing Youth Literary Review

1. Writing Development  




Beijing Youth Literary Review challenges students to develop their writing skills by providing a platform to experiment with different forms of writing, while also offering the option of personalized feedback for continued growth. 

2. publication




Publication in a professional, bilingual youth journal allows students to truly stand out on their CV while pursuing an extracurricular activity that will broaden their horizons and open doors to future opportunities. 


3. Community  




Connect with fellow young writers and artists in Beijing through the pages of the Beijing Youth Literary Review as well as events such as readings and workshops. 

4. university admissions  




Every year, it becomes more difficult to be accepted to universities around the globe. Submitting to a professional journal and being published will make set students apart from other applicants that are applying to prominent universities all over the world. 

5. Self-Expression



Students who explore their imaginative capabilities at a young age are more likely to develop creative thinking that will help them succeed in their academic and professional lives. Moreover, artistic expression can benefit students' confidence and sense of identity.