Our editors pictured from left to right: Kate Rowe, Simon Shieh, and Jennifer Fossenbell. 

Our editors pictured from left to right: Kate Rowe, Simon Shieh, and Jennifer Fossenbell. 


Jennifer Fossenbell is a writer, teacher, and educational developer from the U.S. She previously taught high school language arts in Colorado and academic English in Hanoi, Vietnam. She earned her Master's degree in creative writing from the University of Minnesota, where she served as the managing editor of Dislocate literary magazine. She is a newcomer to China, and is thrilled to be part of the editorial team of BYLR! 

Kate Rowe is the Director of Studies at The Learning Tree, a family-centered tutorial college in Chaoyang district. She has taught English and a variety of other subjects in British schools, international schools, Chinese schools, and university in the UK and China, and has headed academic departments in English and Personal and Social Education. She has lived in Beijing for 8 years and now considers herself 老北京.

Simon Shieh is a poet and an editor for the Beijing Youth Literary Review. He is also the managing editor of the Spittoon Literary Magazine and a Princeton in Asia fellow teaching English at China Foreign Affairs University.

Chen Bo is a poet and fiction writer. He studied literature and international law at Peking University and interned in an NGO in Dublin. His work appears in Weiminghu(未名湖), Young Writers (青年作家), and SupChina. 


Support Team  

Carol Yuan was born and raised in Beijing. She graduated with two Bachelor's degrees in Chinese Literature and English Literature. She then completed a Master's Degree in Cognition Psychology in the UK in order to develop her ability in Social Sciences after many years of teaching. She adores reading stories and has a particular interest in History books. Carol is a passionate traveller, Nia dancer, and drama enthusiast. Carol is dedicated to appreciating different forms of art.

Jacquelyn García Vadnais is a writer, teacher, and lawyer from the United States. Her education and travel opportunities have led her to speak four languages, live in nine countries, and travel to fifty-seven countries. Jacquelyn has recently relocated to China and is elated to be a part of the Beijing Youth Literary Review. Jacquelyn greatly enjoys benefiting the lives of Chinese students while writing and enjoying the perks of residing in Asia.

Julian Fisher has been teaching, examining and teacher-training in Beijing for twelve years (since the last Year of the Rooster). In recent years, his energies have been focused on developing innovative education projects that benefit Chinese learners and their families. These include textbooks, school enrichment programmes, cultural exchange and education for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.