Who we are  


InkBeat Arts is an organization that empowers young people through artistic expression. InkBeat provides a platform for young voices, both within and outside of educational institutions, through a variety of programs and a literary journal. Our aim is to make the creative arts more accessible to young people and form creative communities.

Founded initially as the Beijing Youth Literary Review in January 2017, with the help of Atlas Education, our organization is the product of a group of writers in Beijing who are passionate about education. Having all taught literature in various capacities, we decided that there was something missing in young peoples’ experience with the creative arts, and founded the journal as a way to address that. The most important thing that InkBeat does for young people is to give them a space to explore and develop their artistic potential. In doing so, it proves that the creative arts are not a space occupied by Great Men, but a space to be transformed by burgeoning young voices and ideas.

Most of the basic material a writer works with is acquired before the age of fifteen.

— Willa Cather, American Author (1873-1947)