"How To: Make A Pocket" - a poem by JJ Lim

Photos and video of the poet by Sophia Wang (BYLR Issues 1 & 2)

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How To: Make A Pocket

By Jin Jie Lim

I know it’s a secret but
Can you tell me how?
How to make another one? I have a couple,
I don’t know how I did it but they’re perfect. They’re mine,
In a place foreign to all and yet in plain sight,
Webs of light encase it and the breeze carries it,
A place I know.
The scratched CD plays,
Distorted with glitches,
Almost unrecognizable,
But it’s as if I’m there again.

Not quite reminiscing.
It’s more sacred than that.
Not even you dictated it.
Things simply were and I was there too.

You don’t stop,
You warp and dissipate, suddenly nowhere to be found.
A faded yellow blanket, stitched with patches of red, blue and green,
My eyes blurred shut.
A humming engine and the muted radio singing while vibrations traveled through. A space,
A place where everything is finally silent.

Show me how,
Show me how to make one again.
Not restrained or locked away,
Not muddled or hidden,
But rolling free,
Swiftly, Only to be felt.
They’re mine,
Mine to keep.
They’re safe,
Safe from everyone else, especially you,

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JJ Lim's poem "How To: Make a Pocket" was originally published in Issue 2 of Beijing Youth Literary Review. Photos and video here were taken by Sophia Wang, whose work also appears in Issues 1 and 2 of BYLR.


Read the full interview with JJ Lim by Jennifer Zhou (Issue 1) in Issue 3 of our print journal, coming out in November 2017.